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Duration: 1- 5 days



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Winter Walking


Winter brings additional challenges to the Scottish mountains, which offer some of the most beautiful and challenging walking country in Europe. Snow, ice and quickly changing weather conditions can find the hill walker subjected to the additional challenges of wind, cold and blizzards on the high plateaus of the Cairngorms and the jagged peaks of the west.


However, the challenges and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains in winter make for an unforgettable experience and when the weather is still and clear, the semi arctic environment can offer amazing opportunities for photography. Walking in winter can be surprisingly different to walking in summer terrain, the use of ice axes and crampons adding an exciting new dimension to a day walking in the hills. For those experienced only in summer navigation, the complexities of winter environment navigation cannot be underestimated, but with the company of an experienced guide, the opportunity of seeing a different view of the mountains need not be beyond you.


Tailored Winter walking


This is a chance for you to work with us to undertake your ideal walk in the UK. Perhaps you have a particular walk, peak, ridge or ambitious journey in mind, and would like the confidence that comes with a fully qualified and experienced guide to walk with you. We would be pleased to discuss your needs.